URBAN RECIPES, created by artists Joshua Levine, Michael Loveland and Raymond Saá, is a multi-media, site-specific installation that examined the immediate socio-economical surroundings of Rocket Projects (http://www.rocket-projects.com), an alternative space in Central Miami, where the exhibition took place in January 2004.

Rocket Projects is located in the urban/residential neighborhood of Wynwood, situated between a predominantly Puerto Rican/Haitian community and an expanding Design District.  The neighborhood is recently noted for its booming residential and commercial growth, serving the equally fresh and explosive Miami emerging art scene.  Art Basel Miami has furthered this growth and is bringing increasing annual traffic and attention to its development.

The three Miami raised artists, who see themselves as a microcosm of Miami's sociological make up, set out to translate their observations of the neighborhood into a detailed visual commentary.